Here’s another cartoon from Power Up! Jonny does karaoke…and does it well. Slightly nsfw, I guess. 

The subtleties of comedy.

The subtleties of comedy.

LA Indie Improv Fest this weekend!

Hey! You know what’s a cool thing? The LA Indie Improv Fest. It’s happening this Saturday and I’ll be there with Power Up! and The Riot. 

Power Up plays the ArtWorks Mainstage at 5pm and then The Riot is in Studio A directly after that at 5:20pm.

But whether you want to see my dumb face doesn’t really matter, there’s a ton of great improvisation all day and night. Check it out at

Yay for us!

Comedy is so stupid, you guys.

Comedy is so stupid, you guys.


The server room that controls your robot brain, ROBOT!

Some of the scenes from our podcast are being animated! Super fun.

Coachella, right?

Voice reel for 2013

Open Mics with Landon Kirksey

I’ve been doing this podcast with some comedian friends of mine and I think it’s pretty good. If you like generally funny people talking about whatever, then subscribe on iTunes here, or find it at

February stand up showcase contest thingy!

If you haven’t been out to Dallas Comedy House for open mic Tuesday, this is the best month to start. Each week we’ll start the show with a showcase featuring some of the best comics in town. Best of all, they’re being judged! Everyone loves that, right? The winner for each week will perform at the Dallas Comedy Festival at the end of March. It’s free and fun and it’s an open mic so things can get nice and weird. 8pm.