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Open Mics with Landon Kirksey

I’ve been doing this podcast with some comedian friends of mine and I think it’s pretty good. If you like generally funny people talking about whatever, then subscribe on iTunes here, or find it at openmics.libsyn.com

February stand up showcase contest thingy!

If you haven’t been out to Dallas Comedy House for open mic Tuesday, this is the best month to start. Each week we’ll start the show with a showcase featuring some of the best comics in town. Best of all, they’re being judged! Everyone loves that, right? The winner for each week will perform at the Dallas Comedy Festival at the end of March. It’s free and fun and it’s an open mic so things can get nice and weird. 8pm.

you, me, and gta3

GTA 3 was the game that killed my PS2. Well, probably not, but it was the game that I was playing the moment that the optical drive gave up the ghost. I was cruising the streets of Liberty City, enthralled as I had been over the last year or so that I’d been deeply engrossed in the game, when suddenly the streets disappeared. A lot of weird stuff happens in the GTA games, but I had never had the bottom drop out on me. It was actually okay for a few minutes, I was skydriving through this crazy city abruptly made even crazier. It only lasted a few moments before the whole thing froze up and couldn’t be revived. 

By that time, I had gleaned just about everything I could from the game and maybe it was a cosmic way to snap me into doing something else with my life for while. As it happened I stepped away from gaming for a bit directly following the death of my PS2. But GTA3 was a revelation at the time in a way I think is special only to gamers of a certain age. An open world. This is the kind of thing I had been dreaming about since wondering what goes on at street level in SimCity. Or spending summer night after summer night aimlessly flying around crude polygonal “buildings” vaguely in the formation of downtown Chicago and New York in Flight Simulator. 

There were moments that were tantalizingly close. A neighbor came over to show me Driver on the Playstation. It was incredible. Fun. But not…there. Not yet. I guess the thing I wanted was a sandbox experience before I had a concept of what that would be. GTA3 showed up and essentially forced my hand on the PS2. You can walk or drive anywhere, and basically do anything. Or nothing. Maybe that was more significant. How many hours were whiled away ratcheting up your wanted level and seeing how long you could last. Epic chases through the streets that always ended in a slightly missed turn or coming off of a ramp in a goofy way. Add to that the cheat codes and it became the best supervillain game ever. At the time, it was basically Video Game: The Video Game. And now it’s on my phone. For $5. Cool.

TIP #22

This week on The Improvised Podcast we sit down with Collin Dahlgren.  It’s funny, informative and maybe even a bit magical.  iTunes and podbean links below.



Lynn Hauldren, better known in Chicago (and nationally) as “the Empire Carpet Guy” passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I feel very fortunate to have shared a brief moment with him.  I was doing a sketch show with my fellow Second City Conservatory graduates Kevin Pomeroy and Abram Rabinowitz.  It was a very silly show where eventually Kevin gained control and usurped me as host.  In my time of grief and resignation, I retreat to my home bar, Town Hall Pub, where I encounter a wise sage that set me back on track.  That was how it was written in the script and I knew that this would be a pre-recorded video portion of the show.  I wanted someone that would be instantly recognizable to the crowd.  Someone woven into the fabric of people’s everyday life.  If you have lived in Chicago, you’d be hard pressed to find a better fit than the Empire Carpet Guy.  I remember being very small in Batavia, Illinois and seeing Empire’s Halloween commercials where their pitchman was dressed up and in the full spirit of the holiday.  All of this looked completely ridiculous, but he was so endearing.  He was my absolute first choice for this role.  I tracked him down on the internet (in the wilds of 2004, mind you) and sent him an email.  I was totally shocked that he got back to me and was willing to participate.  The video is out of context, but it’s worth seeing, both for a thinner me, and for the absolute professionalism and humor of Mr. Hauldren.  There are some technical issues (we were limited in lighting, etc) but director Jeremy Dionisio did a great job of translating what I wanted on the page to the screen.  And, yeah, it’s totally a Big Lebowski-Sam Elliot-move-reveal.

Susan wants to get another plant for the balcony.  I reminded her of this.  

The Improvised Podcast #12

If you’re an improv student, performer, or just a want a glimpse into living the dream, listen to The Improvised Podcast.  We talk about improvising and stuff.  This week with Steven Good.  Subscribe on iTunes or listen at the podbean link.  



Shows tonight!

Hawaiian Blankies tonight at eight, and Victory Point at ten.

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